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Thank you!

I'm a man who is indebted to many of you.

My sincerest thanks to all of my amazing volunteers.  

I would not have been able to carry on without you. Your friendly, warm smiles, strong words of encouragement and your boundless dedication make me so very proud to represent you.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Thank you to my fellow candidates for being worthy opponents.  Your dedication to the community is outstanding.  Don't stop doing what you do best.  I will see you on the streets of our Ward and I will proudly shake your hands.  Participating in this process is not easy and I respect all of you for your commitment to seeing it through.

I look forward now to spending some much needed time with my family.  I cannot thank them enough for enduring many father-less, husband-less nights.  Now it's my time with you.  I love you.

Thank you residents of Ward 7.  I have always known this is the greatest community in the city.  Let's demand better from our councillor.

Thanks again,


Nick addresses the crowd at his Campaign Office BBQ September 11, 2014 Click on the image of Nick  to see the photographs. Office Opening